10 Stories - a story

10 stories, a story is a web experience presented in the form of ten parallax scrolling lines of text telling ten short stories that happened in the same diner at the same period of time.

Anderson, an Unaccomplished and disregarded middle-aged man, keeps encountering strange things over the course of three cups of coffee.
Kramer, a private detective, accidentally discovers a terrorist plot, secretly observes the target for new clues with his assistant Gray .
Corporate executive Mueller invites former employees Milhaud and Haynes to negotiate in an attempt to reach an agreement to end the price war and achieve a business settlement.
Daniel, a cautious young musician, and Wilson, a painter with a penchant for exaggeration, discuss the art of performance.
After a film screening, young lovers Ruth and Tim get stuck in a communication rut.
The Webers, along with their son, Clermont, and daughter, Lily, are constantly arguing over trivial matters at the dinner table.
Mrs. Chou, the owner of the restaurant, who is often treated as a waitress, observes the various customers and recalling the past of running the diner.
Stone, Walde and there others, the self-proclaimed last Western followers of the Central Asian religion Zoroastrianism, make final plans and preparations for their impending revenge.
The mysterious Duke of Berry recites poetry to himself in bizarrely chic ancient clothing.
Freshman theatre students David and Al randomly share opinions and talk about the possibilities of a new kind of theatre that is multilinear, simultaneous and without background.

Ten Stories begins with the relatively isolated plots of ten groups of characters, and over the course three acts, these plots are gradually interconnected and influenced, eventually bringing the ten stories together.
Hastily and completely amateurishly written, these stories come from borrowing and copying the fragmnets of interviews and television dramas, from my own experience, and from my simple imitations and impressions on theatres and films - a story that is recommended for only a quick scroll through and no need for perusal. Throughout the story, all the actions of all the characters in the scene are preserved and displayed.

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