Trigger Artist Database

A website for Trigger’s new artists database project. Trigger is an online artist open critique organizer, founded by a group of Chinese US art school alumni.
The website is created around the idea of a control panel as a building block toy that can be assembled with different fitting parts and shapes to filter and present the artists and their works’ info in different filtering and viewing options.
For example: Works of all female artists, displayed as a list; Works about the topic of “knock-off / imitate” in the medium of “Sound”, displayed as a randomized map; Works of artists that working with more than one type of medium, displayed as a grid, etc.
Functions are only partially realized. The website project is suspended after trigger’s sudden shut-down for political reasons related to the current organizer.

*** Preview of the project on this page will be extremely buggy and slow, you can click here to jump to this project in a new tab.